Book Published: Establishing a Positive Quality Culture in ETD

Establishing a Positive Quality Culture in ETD WEB

The Establishing a Positive Quality Culture in ETD book is now available. About this book:

Everybody knows that the quality of education, training and development (ETD) determines the quality of work that people do. In addition, students are always blamed when they achieve poor examination results, when poor quality ETD is often the real culprit. The problem is not that quality assurance of ETD does not take place. On the contrary, mos countries spend exorbitant amounts of money and time on quality assurance, unfortunately with disappointing results. The reason for this is that quality assurance in ETD is often done for the wrong reasons and with the wrong attitude. This book identifies the deficiencies in current quality assurance practices and suggests a constructive approach. Topics covered include:

  • Approaches to quality assurance in ETD.
  • Setting standards as a prerequisite for best practice ETD.
  • The impact of delivery on the quality of ETD.
  • The importance of leadership for quality ETD.
  • Management of quality in ETD.
  • The importance of human resources development for quality in ETD.
  • The importance of cooperation for quality in ETD.

Related Unit Standard Number(s): 15191, 123400

Author: Nel, J.P.

Date Published: 2010-01-01

ISBN: 978-0-620-46492-5

Published By: Mentornet

Number of Pages: 280


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