Book Published: The Homework-Assistant: Assist and Support Learners to Manage their Learning Experiences

2013_08 The_Homework_Assistant Book WEB

he Homework-Assistant book is now available. About this book:

School children of any age often encounter problems with doing their homework and teachers do not always have time to provide them with individualised guidance and support. To teach is to learn twice, and making older children or even the unemployed youth responsible for assisting pupils with their homework eases the guidance and support burden on the teachers, help the children to master their school work and enhances the homework assistant’s own development.

Topics covered include:

  • Source and maintain information to assist and support learners
  • The importance of knowledge in learning
  • Provide assistance and support to learners
  • Maintain records of assistance and support provided
  • Review support services

Related Unit Standard Number(s): 117865

Author: Nel, J.P.

Date Published: 2013-09-30

ISBN: 978-0-620-58167-7

Published By: Mentornet

Number of Pages: 139


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