Mentornet is adjusting to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and our Learners will Benefit

Currently the whole country is on lockdown level 4. Meanwhile, our learners are losing valuable time to study. Our initial thought was to reduce the course fee for anybody who enrolls with Mentornet during the period of lockdown. The problem with this is that our current learners still cannot continue their studies and they do not benefit from our offer.

The 20% discount that we offered expired at the end of April. From 1 June 2020 and onwards, for as long as we cannot offer contact learning, we would rather give all new enrolments a laptop computer for free. This will enable them to do the courses online. We will also provide a video on how to use the online platform with every laptop. This will replace the discount and will apply for all future learners.

Currently, enrolled learners can purchase a laptop from Mentornet at a discount price, calculated on the number of days contact learning that they already completed. The details can be obtained from our Training Manager – you know her, and you can phone her on the Mentornet telephone number (012 653 29) or send her an email to

Only current learners who agree in writing to switch to online learning will qualify for a discount. New learners will, of course, need to enroll for online learning and not for contact learning.

Should the government decide that we may offer contact learning again, you will need to pay for the laptop, or pay the discount back, should you wish to switch back. You may then keep the laptop and switch over to contact learning. Mentornet, however, reserves the right to decide not to offer contact learning again regardless of what government decides if we feel that the health and lives of our learners and staff members will be at an unacceptably high risk.

In closing, it is unlikely that any private learning institutions will be allowed to offer contact learning again before we reach level 2. Now all universities and colleges must offer online learning only. Regardless of the levels, the viruses are still with us and they are as contagious and lethal as they were from the beginning. Do not let the fact that we cannot see them, and that government might relax the protective rulings fool you into thinking that the threat is over. Nothing will stop them from hunting us until we find an effective vaccine.

Dr J.P. Nel, CEO Mentornet

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