Video noTopicDuration (minutes:seconds)
110The Elements of Entrepreneurship.12:47
111What is Entrepreneurship?17:31
112Challenges of the Entrepreneurial World.12:12
113The Window of Opportunity.06:05
114Strategic Management of Change.11:47
115The Concept ‘Strategy’.13:08
116What is Strategic Management.11:31
117The Strategy Formulation Process.14:43
118Considerations Following After the Formulation of the Vision and the Mission.16.18
119Strategy Analysis at the Business Level.17:10
120Scenarios and Strategy Development.19:22
121Formulating Scenarios.09:34
122Strategic Alternatives.07:00
123Implementing the Strategy.05:05
124The Management Processes.16:11
125Managing the External Environment.14:01
126Determining Strategic Objectives.10:42
127The Criteria for Strategic Objectives.14:52
128Analysis of Strategic Alternatives.17:39
129Other Business Strategies.09:32
130Selecting and Implementing a Business Strategy.15:02
131Thinking Creatively.08:52
132Types of Business.07:56
133Business Structures.13:06
134Your Business Profile.10:05
135Where does Entrepreneurship Start?09:31
136Characteristics of Good Entrepreneurs Part 1 of 3 Parts.10:49
137Characteristics of Good Entrepreneurs Part 2 of 3 Parts.10:24
138Characteristics of Good Entrepreneurs Part 3 of 3 Parts.09:54
139Ethics Part 1 of 4 Parts.09:24
140Ethics Part 2 of 4 Parts.13:45
141Ethics Part 3 of 4 Parts.10:03
142Ethics Part 4 of 4 Parts.07:32
143Planning your Business.13:31
144Your Interests and Fields of Business.15:04
145How to Conduct Market Research.12:42
146Identifying Business Opportunities through Market Research Part 1 of 2 Parts.08:06
147Identifying Business Opportunities through Market Research Part 2 of 2 Parts.13:22
149Critical Success Factors for a Small Business, Part 1 of 2 Parts.12:28
150Critical Success Factors for a Small Business, Part 2 of 2 Parts.09:43
151Doing a Viability Study and Preparing a Business Plan.11:36
152Doing a Viability Study, Including a Cash Flow Analysis.08:19
153Profile Issues to Include in Your Business Plan.12:33
154Final Remarks on the Business Plan.11:15
155Managing your Business.08:16
156Gaining a Competitive Advantage, Part 1 of 4 Parts.11:39
157Gaining a Competitive Advantage, Part 2 of 4 Parts.11:05
158Gaining a Competitive Advantage, Part 3 of 4 Parts.12:55
159Gaining a Competitive Advantage, Part 4 of 4 Parts.06:51
160Contingency Planning and Capacity Building.10:49
161Financial Management.12:13
163Implementing Your Business Plan.18:18
164The Biggest Mistakes that you can make in Running your Business.15:40
165Managing your Small Business, Part 1 of 2 Parts.12:24
166Managing your Small Business, Part 2 of 2 Parts.10:36
167Selling your Business, Part 1 of 5 Parts.08:03
168Selling your Business, Part 2 of 5 Parts.06:39
169Selling your Business, Part 3 of 5 Parts.14:59
170Selling your Business, Part 4 of 5 Parts.13:42
171Selling your Business, Part 5 of 5 Parts.12:22

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