Book Published: Managing Assessment of Student Performance

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The Managing Assessment of Student Performance book is now available. About this book:

Like any project, the assessment of student performance needs to be planned, monitored and controlled and the bigger the project, the more will it be necessary to involve a number of role players, which implies that certain tasks will need to be delegated. The process of managing the assessment of student performance is discussed in this book. The book focuses on three salient tools with which assessment is managed, namely policies, procedures and assessment plans. It is also discussed how assessment is controlled by maintaining information on the assessment, some of which can be used to review the assessment instruments as well as the assessment policies and procedures. Topics covered include:

  • Assessment policies and procedures.
  • Developing an assessment plan.
  • Developing guidelines for the implementation of assessment policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining information on assessment.

Related Unit Standard Number(s): 263982

Author: Nel, J.P.

Date Published: 2012-05-25

ISBN: 978-0-620-50227-6

Published By: Mentornet

Number of Pages: 179


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