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 TopicDuration (minutes:seconds)
1The Elements of Entrepreneurship.12:47
2What is Entrepreneurship?17:31
3Challenges of the Entrepreneurial World.12:12
4The Window of Opportunity.06:05
5Strategic Management of Change.11:47
6The Concept ‘Strategy’.13:08
7What is Strategic Management.11:31
8The Strategy Formulation Process.14:43
9Considerations Following After the Formulation of the Vision and the Mission.16.18
10Strategy Analysis at the Business Level.17:10
11Scenarios and Strategy Development.19:22
12Formulating Scenarios.09:34
13Strategic Alternatives.07:00
14Implementing the Strategy.05:05
15The Management Processes.16:11
16Managing the External Environment.14:01
17Determining Strategic Objectives.10:42
18The Criteria for Strategic Objectives.14:52
19Analysis of Strategic Alternatives.17:39
20Other Business Strategies.09:32
21Selecting and Implementing a Business Strategy.15:02
22Thinking Creatively.08:52
23Types of Business.07:56
24Business Structures.14:14
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Steps to Enrol for a Mentornet Online Course or to Watch a Video

African American woman student with afro hairstyle wear yellow cardigan, sitting on windowsill, working doing remote job on laptop, learning using online course. Self-education, preparing for an exam.
  1. Search the Mentornet online website by typing in the text box that your search engine uses (for example Google) and ENTER. That is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for the Mentornet online platform.
  2. “Welcome to Mentornet Online” and “You have been logged in successfully” will appear on your computer screen.
  3. Click on “Register” if you did not use the platform before.
  4. A matrix (table) will appear asking your personal details.
  5. Complete the table. It is simple, but a short video on how to complete the table is available. You should now see the invitation to watch the video for free.
  6. Click on “Video Courses” at the top of your screen.
  7. A dropdown menu with options for two available video courses will appear.
  8. Click on “Proficiency Course in Entrepreneurship in the Post-COVID 19 Era”.
  9. You can now watch the five-minute introductory video on the course for free if you did not watch it on Facebook already.
  10. Scroll down to the menu of videos that are available.
  11. Click in the relevant box to add a video or videos that you would like to watch.
  12. Your video choice(s) will now appear in the top-right of your screen.
  13. Click on “Register now” even if you already registered in step 3.
  14. The payment options will now appear on your screen.
  15. Choose when to pay by clicking in the small circle next to two possible options (“pay now” or “pay later”). The steps for both options are the same, so the further steps are for “pay now”.
  16. Choose “Pay now” on the right-hand side of the payment options also by clicking in the text box.
  17. The payment options and the amount due are shown in the next screen shot.
  18. Click on the payment option of your choice.
  19. From here you will need to follow your bank’s instructions on your cell phone or laptop computer, whichever you use to do the payment.
  20. It will take a while for the video or videos of your choice to become available, depending on how long it takes for the payment to take place. They will automatically show on your screen whenever you visit the online platform again.
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