Stand or sit during facilitation

Course- 117871

Date- 6-10 March 2017


This particular group was very lively and outspoken, they were super eager about this particular course because everyone knows that the facilitation course is so much fun. However during the week I got an odd question that I never expected, and to be honest I never really thought about it before. One of the learners asked “is it really necessary to stand while facilitating, or can you sit’?

I pondered on the question for a second and re-directed it back to the class to find out what were their thoughts and feelings about the matter. Surprisingly, most of them felt that siting while facilitating was perfectly okay. I’ve always felt that it’s more professional to stand and facilitate and move around a bit, of course you don’t want to distract them either, but sitting while facilitating has always been something I’d frown upon. I feel that it’s not professional to sit and facilitate. However if you have a medical condition that doesn’t allow you to stand for so long, in that case I personally would feel that it’s more than okay to sit down, however the quality of facilitation must never be compromised whether sitting or standing while facilitating.

I would love to hear other people’s opinions on the matter. What do you think? Should you sit or stand while facilitating?








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Open letter to Mentornet Facilitators



For the love and passion for training, let’s always remember the following.

Some courses tend to have more exercise than needed, if time is not on your side while facilitating, only do what can be fit into the course schedule. Carefully select the important exercises and leave out the rest this only applies to the formative assessment.
Classes starting at 08:30 must not end earlier than 16:00. If learners want to finish earlier than the prescribed time, the class needs to start earlier and learners need to have shorter breaks.
When facilitating, playing games need to be kept to a minimum, don’t play games that do not relate to the course content, learners need to receive the highest quality of training possible and playing games could rob them of the time to do so.
Course reports need to maintain the quality we strive for at Mentornet. The correct unit standards must be used throughout the report when writing them.


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