Book Published: The Concepts and Procedures Governing the Recognition of Prior Learning


The Concepts and Procedures Governing the Recognition of Prior Learning book is now available. About this book:

It is an objective of the new National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS III) to afford people who seek to enroll on learning programmes without the standard entry qualifications the opportunity to have their skills acquired through experience measured against that which they require to attain. It is hoped that this drive will result in recognition for those who were denied access to formal and quality learning in the past. Some people need this recognition because it is the just and right thing to do; others will use the opportunity to gain access to further learning and a third group will benefit in the workplace through appointment for those who are unemployed, better remuneration and promotion opportunities for those who have jobs. This book explains what one can realistically expect from RPL as well as how RPL can be practiced in an effective and efficient manner. Topics covered inlcude:

  • RPL defined.
  • Current RPL practice and opportunities.
  • RPL policies, procedures and plans.
  • Providing RPL advice and support.
  • Providing RPL to groups.
  • Administration of RPL.

Related Unit Standard Number(s): 116587

Author: Nel, J.P.

Date Published: 2010-01-01

ISBN: 978-0-620-48532-6

Published By: Mentornet

Number of Pages: 196


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